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Io a Parigi me sempre passato per la testa che ci vulissi essere stato.
Pecchè nei film cè sempre che uno si innamora o diventa artista a Parigi e poi ci sono belle case e alberghi e la turreffeil che ci vedi tutta la città quando ci acchiani supra e fimmine anche. Bellissime.
Io a Parigi me sempre passato per la testa che ci vulissi essere stato.
Così mi piace quando vedo qualche cartolina che me la rappresenta oppure che mi cuntunu lamici. Ora di più mi dicono Parigi che poi invece sinni vanno nei giochi di Topolino dellamericani ma a questi io non li considerano nemmeno che luomo si vede anche da comu sfutti i so possibilità.
Io a Parigi me sempre passato per la testa che ci vulissi essere stato.
Però alli voti mi chiedo se sono tutti ricchi in quella città e marrispunnu che no non può essere accussì e allora ritorno nella pace che di sicuro cè qualcuno che macari vullissi esseri cà unni sugnu iu e magari non può. E questo forse è u cunfortu dei fissa ma per ora mabbasta.
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....................: There is beauty all around

Thunderstorms remind me of my childhood. Well, everything reminds me of my childhood. T-storms, however, strike up memories of those days when I was off track from school at Fox Hills Elementary in Kearns, Utah. If it rained, my mom and I would go to Ream’s video store on 6200 S. and what is now…

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Camassia - Muslims, Christians, honor killings, and abortion


As modern Westerners, we like to think that we’ve gotten past all the sexual politics around the “honor” of women, but actually there’s still a lot of stuff bubbling beneath the surface, and just as much for liberals as there is for conservatives.

The pro-choice movement certainly uses honor language, […]. They rally people who never had an abortion, and probably never will, by implying that the honor of women as a whole is at stake. Abortion laws are men, or government, looking down on you and saying they know better than you. They are violating your bodily integrity and your human dignity. And if you let them do that, God knows what they’ll do next, because they don’t see you as an honor peer and feel they could do anything to you.

On an individual level, there are other honor issues, which vary depending on where you are. One is the old-fashioned shame attached to an unwanted pregnancy, exposing a woman’s unchastity. Among more progressive types, there’s still a certain shame attached to the evident sign that you don’t have your life together. To not put to fine a point on it, where I come from uncontrolled reproduction is for the ghetto and the trailer park, not for people who want to achieve anything. Also, with the battle lines drawn over abortion, choosing to go through with the pregnancy will be respected by pro-choice friends but probably not hugely sympathized with. And that doesn’t create a real friendly environment for adoption, as a commenter on a previous post pointed out: “It’s also hard to figure out if the legalization of abortion created a counter-stigma on women who give up their children for adoption. After all, it means walking around for at least four or five months having everyone know you are pregnant, but also having to explain “Well, but I didn’t want to HAVE a baby.” When the father is a rapist or something similar, bearing his child seems to be letting him colonize your life — not to mention the world — more than he deserves. All this makes it more difficult for women trying to compete in the workplace and politics with men who don’t have these problems.

So in one sense, Americans probably understand Middle Eastern honor killing better than they think they do. But of course, in another way honor killing and abortion are polar opposites. One assumes that reproductive control is a collective project, with the woman herself only having one vote in the matter, and often not the most important vote either. The other has the woman take on nearly the entire responsibility herself, with everyone else around mainly to support whatever decisions she makes.

There’s more good stuff in the original blog post, so read it all, but I’d like to change topic slightly. One of the best arguments against William Saletan’s proposal that pro- and anti- abortion forces compromise by pushing contraception is that doing so creates a different new stigma against unplanned pregnancy. Instead of the stigma being “How could you let your maidenhood be stolen?” the stigma is “How could you be so stupid as to let your contraceptives fail?” Under these circumstances, the urge to abort the baby becomes much stronger, since abortion is considered basically a form of last minute contraception. So, even if pushing contraceptives more strongly were to reduce the total number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions (and I don’t know if the empirical research is here for that claim or not), it seems like it would also increase the percentage of unplanned pregnancies that are subsequently aborted. My feeling is that the only way to lower the percentage of unplanned pregnancies that are aborted is to revive the old social norm that when a dude knocks up his lady, he has an obligation to shotgun marry her. Without such a social norm, the odds of pregnancy actually being carried to term seem low, since the stress of single motherhood is too daunting for many to bear.

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iMaykel: Razzies Awards 2011


Comme chaque année, les Razzies Awards ont récompensé hier soir les “pires” du cinéma. Voici donc les résultats !

Pire film :
“Le dernier maître de l’air”

Pire acteur :
Ashton Kutcher, pour “Valentine’s Day” et “Kiss & Kill”

Pire actrice :
Sarah Jessica Parker, pour “Sex & the City 2”

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IDEO redesigns the ATM for a spanish bank.   Sexy.

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malcolm r. johnson: I’ve spent the last twenty years of my adult life writing and thinking...


I’ve spent the last twenty years of my adult life writing and thinking about global warming. I can tell you about hydrogen, hybrid cars, solar panels, wind turbines, green building, carbon offsets, carbon sequestration, carbon credits, and on and on and on and on. And here’s what I think the…

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No banho quando o shampoo acaba


Pessoas normais :

” Droga,acabou vou ter que comprar mais…”

Eu :

“Aaaaah,não acabou não.”

*Encho o pote de shampoo com água*

“Aeee ainda da pra usaaaar!”

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Hell Yeah | YG ft. Tyga & Chris Brown

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Robert Reich: Budget Baloney (1): Why Social Security Isn't a Problem for 26 Years, and the Best Way to Fix It Permanently


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican presidential hopeful, says in order to “save” Social Security the retirement age should be raised. The media are congratulating him for his putative “courage.” Deficit hawks are proclaiming Social Security one of the big entitlements that has to be…

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Sometimes I Don't Mind: Short Movie Review: Paul


Fiona and I went to see Paul tonight starring Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and Kristen Wiig. Here’s the short of it:

If you are a fanboy of Simon Pegg to the level of the fanboys he plays in his films, you will be disappointed. If Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz is in your top 10 favorite films, just…

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